Making Homelands Explicit

History of Ideas Research Centre invites the reader for a workshop, which will be held on Monday 2nd July 2012 at six o'clock in the evening in the Villa Decius (ul. 28 lipca 1943, 17 A). Prof. Jens Loenhoff will give a lecture in English language on "Making Homelands Explicit". After the meeting there will be a vin d'honneur in Villa Decius' garden.



Making Homelands Explicit


From the perspective of communication studies, the thesis for the symbolic construction of what people call "homeland" is not a very surprising statement. On the one hand, a deeper analysis shows a more complex interrelation between pre-reflexive and implicit social and communicative practices and, on the other, the symbolic objectifications as a result of making these practices explicit. But how do the members of cultural forms of life transform these performative practices of making spaces and boundaries familiar to them into an explicit language or into an image of their "homeland"? How is it at all possible to "translate" these communicative constructions and what does "translation" as a practice and a reflexive concept mean? The paper will present some conceptual answers and discuss some empirical examples.

* The following abstract was initially formulated by the author in English


Published Date: 04.08.2012
Published by: Konrad Szocik