Jagiellonian University Rector's
Regulation no. 73 of 10 October 2011


on the founding of the History of Ideas Research Centre of the Faculty of Philosophy at Jagiellonian University in Krakow.


Pursuant to the articles 45, 46, 50 in particular (1 point 5) and article 64 of the Statute of Jagellonian University, we declare as follows :

Article 1

The History of Ideas Research Centre, hereinafter named "Centre", is created in the organisational strucure of the Faculty of Philosophy.

Article 2

  1. the task of the Centre is scientific research as well as didactic and methodological developements in the field of the History of Ideas.
  2. the details of the Centre's activities are defined in the Regulation.

Article 3

The execution of this regulation is left to the Dean of the Faculty of Philosphy at Jagellonian University.

Article 4

This regulation modifies directive number four of the organisational Regulation of Jagellonian University, published in reglementation number 15 by the Rector of Jagellonian University on February 28th 2008.

Article 5

This regulation comes into effect on November 1st 2011.

The Rector
Prof. Karol Musioł